Taking Up Space @ TTU

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Exercising those installation muscles!!!

 This was an installation based show of 3rd year MFA graduate students. We installed this with the intent to change the environment. Below is the statement for the show... 

In this exhibition, installation artworks were developed to occupy the space, creating an environment where the viewer can experience art under a distinct dimension - it no longer belongs to pedestals, they embody space. To acknowledge the meaning of these works and fully understand it, it is important to traverse the spaces, investigate its folds and openings, walk through the paths and tracks that the pieces, colors, and objects offer.

The installation pieces, in this exhibition, are taking up the space of these galleries. The works of Carolina Alamilla, Stephanie Berrie, Michael Emerson, Nathalie Lawrence and Anthea "Billieā€ Parsons, Third-Year Master of Fine Art students of Texas Tech University entice the audience to wander through a collection of works that showcase the flexibility of materials, meaning, and environment. The intention of the show is to interrupt the exhibition spaces and viewing experience.