Spilling The Tea

charles adams studio project, Lubbock, TX - October 4th - November 1st 2019

Artists: Carly Mchmahon (Lubbock, TX), Laura Gillmore (San Francisco, CA), Moises Salazar (Chicago, IL), William Paul Thomas (Durham, NC), Taylor Yocom (St. Louis, MO), Rachel Deane (Los Angeles, CA), Michelle Bonilla Garcia (San Francisco, CA)



Slurp! How can something so smooth, be so bitter? What is tea with no sugar?

Spilling the Tea leaves this aftertaste in your mouth. The selected work creates dissonance by depicting sorrow and exhaustion in vibrant color. Form is treated with hyperbole, while portraying the body and the idea of empathy as it is represented in the everyday. As the phrase “spilling the T” relates directly to telling the truth, the works lead us to believe harsh honesty is valued so much so, we delight in its perturbed directness. In its glittery, colorful, and loud candor, the use of material raises the level of honesty. These artists were prone to relate or create with what is familiar, found or sticky. Spilling the Tea is comprised of artists hailing from all over the U.S. Their intent, to expose themselves through their medium, to unabashedly share their story, their truth.


Electric Motel

charles adams studio project, Lubbock, TX - April 4th, 2019

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The Marfa Intensive: NAP Collective Marfa, TX —> Lubbock, TX

November 2, 2018 Satellite Gallery Lubbock, TX

This dynamic exhibition presents the art process and visual work that comes from this investigation of how one allows and resists healing through life's traumatic experiences. This artist collective used the landscape and history of Marfa, Texas, as their foundation to then produce and create a body of work engaging all the senses. The collective is made up of Carly Mcmahon, Sam Taylor, Carolina Alamilla, Devin Ratheal, and Raha Shojaei. Each with different backgrounds and creative practices, they were united during their time together in Marfa, as they learned about each other's strengths in collaboration.