Clouds and fruit--these motifs represent my experience of home. Colors and playfulness are the tools I use to recreate the memories of home. It is necessary that I detach myself from the details and relive from a standpoint of preservation. The objects produced are so far removed from their original seed of inspiration that they live in a future space, one where freshness is prioritized over truth.

This requires an inherent questioning of the concept of home, or hogar. Throughout this process of interrogation, I have found it useful to refer to the interior as “homespace” and the exterior as “city/landscape”. These environments help shape our development--interiors and exteriors communicating with one another; they impact our evolving personalities, our habits, and our sense of cultural identity.

In my current work, I land on the details of shore and ocean, open markets, and family’s mango-wet hands in the backyard. My intention is to understand the essence of these things and manifest that essence into tidy, organized presentations. I’ve neatly cataloged my memories so that they can exist in a public hogar, away from their reality. .