It begins with the compiled history of my parents and their homelands, what they still carry with them and how I construct myself from this passed-down weight. The memory of their home, our home, their family, our family, and the small details that have not been forgotten is what is at the forefront of my mind. These memories are very much personal but are also reimagined into a public space, a public hogar [i] where one can approach and offer their own feeling. The essence of the memory is there, but it has evolved to something much more open and approachable. Within this context of memory and identity, language plays a significant role. Spanish and English are constantly present; they interrupt each other in telling a story or expressing a proverb. Each language shares importance in my work in written or auditory form. Listening to this blend of languages reminds me of home and in turn will hopefully evoke the same feelings of home in others.


[i] Hogar/ Home: Domicilio habitual de una persona y en el que desarrolla su vida privada o familiar.
Habitual address of a person and in which he develops his private or family life.